Who Are We?

Hello. We are Infinity Ampersand! Also known as, Brittany, Kayla, and Brandi. We are keeping this little blog to inspire us in our Etsy shop, Infinity Ampersand. As well as to help keep connected to each other while we are all living over the world. We love eating, thrifting, and traveling. But not cooking, shopping, or exercising. Oh well. C'est La Vie.

Brittany is currently living in Pennsylvania while her husband attends dental school. 

Brandi just returned from an LDS mission to the Philippines. She is currently living in Utah.

Sister Kayla Bowman
Kayla is currently serving an 18 month LDS mission in France! We are so happy she is serving and can't wait until she gets back!! If you want to read more about her mission, you can check out her blog here.

Feel free to take a look at the blog and into our little lives. Subscribers (and stalkers) are always welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! It flows so nicely :) Thanks for loving my jewelry.


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