New York New York

Here are a few pictures of our impromptu visit to NYC. We spent a wonderful seven days in the big apple waiting for our apartment to be finished in Pennsylvania. There's no better place to be homeless than NYC! (We weren't actually homeless, we stayed in a hotel, but you know what I mean.)

We decided the easiest way to see as much of New York as possible was to get a pass on the wonderful double-decker buses. We felt like total tourists, but saw a lot and saved our feet. So overall, definitely worth it.

 This is the apartment complex where John Lennon lived, The Dakota. Yoko still lives here apparently. Right in that top corner overlooking the park. Unfortunately, she wasn't on her balcony or hanging out of her window on the day we drove by.

 Classic NYC Firefighter.
 For Mike, we hit up a Yankees game. We had the luxury of spending extra time in the stadium during the two hour rain delay... yay.

This was Mike's first trip to New York City, so I made sure we did every single cliche/touristy activity possible. Mike loved it.

 They have some pretty cool art at the Statue of Liberty monument. Also, despite how it looks in this picture, I am not 4 months pregnant. (Or pregnant at all.)

Loved walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Not sure the significance of the locks on the Brooklyn Bridge, but I took a picture, just in case they're famous or something. 

I love this building.


  1. Hey i found you from etsy blog team, your blog is so cute! please visit me back!

  2. Looks like a great week. New York is very high on my wish-I-could-go-there list! I just read last week that in Paris, they want to take of the locks, because it makes the bridge too heavy (it's a thing couples do to show their everlasting love, or something like that).

  3. Great photos! I love the POV of the Brooklyn Bridge. I have always wanted to visit NYC during the Christmas season and to see the NY Zoo. Someday...

  4. Hi Brittany!
    like Marieken I'd love to visit! I love outdoor sculptures. Great shot of the bridge. Over here in Europe we have those locks on bridges as well. They are called "love-locks" and couples put them there to keep their love for each other strong and everlasting :)


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