Siesta Key Sand Sculpting

A few weeks ago we went to the Siesta Key Crystal Classic sand sculpting competition in Sarasota, Florida. It was amazing. The weather was amazing. The artists were amazing. And the water... was a little bit cold. The sculptors had four or five days to finish their masterpieces. I hope someday to be that dedicated to something... I can barely get a blog post written six months after it happens. This happened around a month ago so... I'd call that progress.

 This one was by far my favorite!

This was going to be my fun pregnancy announcement. But I decided getting pregnant just for a picture might be a little crazy. Maybe next year.

 Sandy Santa! Did I mention that I love winters in Florida?

Here is the winner. Not sure what the title was or what this is supposed to be, but looks like someone was in the doghouse? In case you were wondering: this is the perfect way to spend a November afternoon in Florida. I highly recommend it Utahns (and any other snowbirds out there).

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