Kmart Marketing - Hire Me!

Have you seen this yet?

As a marketing grad, I find this pretty clever. Whether or not you think it's funny and/or appropriate, it definitely got them some attention! This is the second (hopefully in a series) of risque commercials from the all-but-forgotten clothing chain. The first being the infamous "Ship my Pants" commercial. Haven't seen it? Check it out here. Overall, good job Kmart marketing team. If you're hiring, I'd be happy to join the team. Seriously.

What are your thoughts? Funny? Inappropriate? Genius? All of the above?


  1. I hadnt seen this yet, just shared it on FB. hilarious, I think it is very clever of them, getting the attention and putting out a memorable message. So many commercials are funny, but I dont remember what they were actually for.

  2. Haha love it! Their new ads really get your attention and I think it's awesome advertising. I just wish they would work on modernizing their stores -the ones around here are so outdated. I always go to Target instead!


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