Spring Outfit - Day to Night

It's almost spring!The warm winter sweaters have been lovely, but it's nearly time to store them far far away and bring out the fun and flowy spring wear. (I realize it's still January, but one can never be too prepared...or excited.)

Probably just about every girl owns a pair of go-to leggings and/or a sleek pencil skirt. PLUS, I strongly believe that every girl should own a plethora of fun and flirty vintage tops! I have a strange and strong obsession with all things old, and I am in love with vintage clothing. To me, nothing is better or more beautiful than airy easy-wear vintage shirts! I put together this lovely day-to-night look with one of my very favorite vintage blouses and a few wardrobe staples. Check out these and other vintage items in our Etsy shop: Infinity Ampersand!

p.s. please pardon the shoddy photoshop, after nearly 3 hours (and lots of frustration), it really wasn't going to get any better :)

Moscot Miltzen Originals Vintage Sunglasses $240
Back to Black Leggings $36.00 
Vintage Hawaiian Blouse Infinity Ampersand $25.00
Vintage Leather Sandals Infinity Ampersand $34.00
Hipster Cross Body Purse Infinity Ampersand $32.00

Teal Leather Pumps Infinity Ampersand $30.00
Vintage Hawaiian Blouse Infinity Ampersand $25.00
Gold Engraved Wrist Watch Infinity Ampersand $37.00
Gold Triangle Earrings Infinity Ampersand $24.00
Black Pencil Skirt (Found it on Google Images)

1 comment :

  1. They look great! I love both combinations and somehow i think the night outfit could be worn during the day too. I am also looking forward to spring, but over here winter has just come and i don't think she has any plans of leaving any time soon. :)
    Have a lovely day!


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