Roxy (Frozen) Outdoor Fitness

So, Roxy has a new line of fitness gear. And I'm in love. I thought I'd take my new gear out for a run along the lake. However, the frozen-over lake/beach was just too enticing. Also, a little terrifying. But definitely an outdoor adventure we didn't think we were going to have this frigid winter! I am absolutely loving the running jacket! Also, the pants are so comfortable! I wasn't sure about the bright pink at first, but have come to the conclusion that they are my new favorite :)

Somewhere right around here was when I was sure we were going to die. 

All item featured are from Roxy's Outdoor Fitness Collection. Check it out! 

1 comment :

  1. Gorgeous photos of the ice, it's incredible! The hot pink tights really stand out in the winter, I can imagine those becoming favorites :)


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